Best High-End Earphones / Earbuds to enjoy amazing sound on the go

If you are perfectionist when it comes to sound and wouldn’t settle down for anything less than the best, you need to choose high-end earphones that provide flawless audio quality. While brands like Bose, Sennheiser and Beats are considerably more expensive than regular options, they are certainly an investment worth considering if you want stunning performance. High-end earphones offer superb and comfortable design that ensures a perfect fit, as well as features such as isolation and noise cancellation that allow you to enjoy your music without interference, even if you surrounded by people talking loudly. Here are some of the best models available.

PowerBeats 2 from Beats
Even before being acquired by Apple last year, Beats had already built a solid reputation for the superb ergonomic design of its headphones and the stunning sound quality they support. The popularity of Beats is undeniable and the PowerBeats In-Ear headphones are a perfect example of the compact look and impeccable audio that represent the brand. The flexible earclips keep the earphones secured to your ears and the sweat-resistant materials ensure that you can enjoy your workout comfortably. Enjoy potent, clear sound with noted highs and thundering lows. You can find these for around $150.
Bose SIE2i
Bose is recognized as leading manufacturer of audio equipment and apart from creating sophisticated speakers, the brand also offers top of the line earphones. The SIE2i in-ear headphones are true to the high quality that you would expect from Bose and they allow you to enjoy tonally balanced audio with crisp and deep lows. As they offer perfect fit and stay in your ears without requiring you to adjust them frequently and they are sweat and water-resistant, they are the ideal solution for sports and workouts. The SIE2i are available with and without microphone and you can find them from $145.
Shure SE215-CL
Shure is known for creating professional sound equipment and their exclusive in-ear SE215-CL headphones can be customized and they feature a detachable cable with Wireform Fit for extra comfort. The sound isolation technology avoids any interference with your listening, no matter where you are. They are lightweight and flexible, making them also a perfect option for your workout. The SE215-CL are available in a clear design with optimized nozzle angle to go around the ear conformably and offer high-fidelity and dynamic micro drivers for a flawless audio output. You can get them from $100.
Etymotic Research HF5 Portable In-Ear Earphones
For those who want sophisticated design and the latest sound technology, Etymotic is a great option as the company is involved in advanced research in this area. Their most popular options include the MC and the HF, with the HF5 being one of the most complete and impressive options. These in-ear headphones achieve the highest output sensitivity in its class with 105 dB SPL sensitivity. The large range of frequency response, outstanding noise isolation, 3.5 mm stereo phone plug and design based in detailed research are other features that make Etymotic HF5 a high-end product. They are available for around $120.
Sennheiser CX 985
Sennheiser CX 985Sennheiser offers the perfect combination of elegant design and advanced sound technology as it features miniature dynamic transducer with powerful neodymium magnets. These metal alloy built earbuds provide durability and impressive sound quality no matter what type of music you are listening to or what podcast or video you are enjoying. It provides crystal clear audio without any distortion. The CX 985 come with a unique rotating 3.5 mm metal plug and in line volume control. It is an ideal option for audiophiles and you can get them for $125.

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