Best Handwritting Apps for iOS

Even though we have become used to the keyboards in our devices and we can use them to take notes, create lists or anything else needed, many people are still more comfortable using pen and paper as they prefer handwriting. Using your hand to write, draw, scribble or sketch feels more natural and allows you to add a unique touch in your notes. The good news is that developers have found a way to integrate handwriting capabilities into apps for your iPad/iPhone. With these apps you can enjoy a wide selection of sketch boards and pen-styles to make your notes, doodles or drawings more special and they can also be useful tools to introduce children to writing in a fun and practical way.

MetaMoJi Note

If you are looking for a high quality and comprehensive handwriting app that can boost your productivity, MetaMoJi Note has to be at the top of your list. It works as a sketchbook, PDF annotation, digital scrapbook and voice memo solution that allows you to save your ideas on the go, using quick voice recordings as well as advanced handwriting recognition. The app also supports handwriting to text conversion and gives you the possibility of adding notes to Office and PDF documents. With this award-winning option from MetMoji, you can access a high resolution sketchbook with a vast selection of colours and features and benefit from its cloud storage and syncing functionality. It is available in the App Store for $7.99.


Ginger Labs has designed a convenient and powerful handwriting app that gives you flexibility to use your own writing, take notes and create work documents. With Notability, you can annotate PDFs, sketch, take notes, record speeches or lectures, mark-up photos and much more. If you prefer the natural feeling of handwriting, this solution will let you take notes and sketch with a smooth flow and a beautiful ink effect. The typing feature offers a great variety of fonts, sizes and colours to choose from and the interface is specially designed to provide the best experience on iOS devices. The Automatic Palm Detection on iPad allows you to write with your hand on the screen. Google Drive support ensures that you can import documents and with iCloud you can sync notes across all your iOS devices. Notability can be downloaded for $5.99.

Use Your Handwriting

Gee Whiz Stuff’s app allows you to write notes, lists and messages on your iPad/iPhone using your finger. It features exclusive handwriting technology that accurately simulates the sensation of writing with a fountain pen. This ensures that your handwriting flows naturally and that it looks clear and elegant. The app offers multiple calligraphic writing styles to make your notes beautiful and unique. Use Your Handwriting also includes quick alarms, sync across devices, option to visualize your notes online, a calendar to plan your weekly schedule and a tutorial that explains how to use every function available. The app can be downloaded for free.


Having Jotter is like having a paper notebook in which you can capture ideas, make drawings and take notes no matter where you are. You can take advantage of the full size of your device and rotate it on the way you need as you sketch, draw and write as you would on a traditional notebook. The pen-width is optimized for handwriting and it can be adjusted according to how fast you write. The app has different note lists including My Notes, Favourites and iCloud, which lets you access your notes across all your devices. The notes can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook or via email. Get Jotter for just $0.99.


Gdiplus brings an app that supports handwriting in order to help children to learn letters and how to write in an easy and fun platform. Its colourful and appealing design makes it ideal for teaching kids to write while keeping them entertained and motivated. The app features amusing images, high quality graphics and effects that are set to capture children’s attention. iWriteWords combines playing and learning as children need to help Mr Crab, the game’s main character to collect numbered balls by dragging him and drawing the letter at the same time. You can purchase the app for $2.99.

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