Best Fitness Apps for iOS

Opting for a healthier lifestyle and getting fitter can be challenging and while it does take effort and discipline, there are ways to achieve your goals without putting yourself through a strict and impossible to follow regime. Thankfully, you can trust in great apps that will help you to track your workout and to design a diet plan that suits your needs. These apps will keep you focused on your fitness goals and will allow you to become healthier, taking advantage on the convenience of your iPhone and iPad. Finding out the distance you have run, how many calories you have burned and all the data related to your workout sessions is crucial to stay motivated. Here are some of the best apps to get fit.


Eating well is a crucial aspect of fitness and with thousands of great recipes to choose from, Epicurious is the ideal option to enjoy healthy meals. This award-winning app from Condé Nast Digital offers thousands of high quality recipes and friendly and fast interface. It also features a unique intelligent kitchen timer that ensures that your recipes are cooked to perfection. There is a great variety of ingredients and options to make your meals delicious and healthy. You browse through recipes from prestigious publishers and store your favourite recipes across all your devices. Epicurious can be downloaded for free.


RunKeeper by FitnessKeeper allows you to track your running pace, route distance, calories burned and other information with impressive exactitude. Whether you are cycling, running or hiking, this app will make your workout fun and will keep you motivated by providing detailed updates on your progress. You can find and follow pre-planned routes and get a view of your location route on a map. There are effective workout plans to follow and you also have the option to create your own program with audio coaching. The audio updates let you know how far have you gone, how many calories you have burned and more. The app is free to download.


FitnessFast offers a complete and easy workout solution that enables you to keep track of every aspect of your fitness plan. From exercise routines to diet and sleep cycles, this app from VMake will ensure that you are focused and up to date with your progress. You can record and track conveniently and interact with the FitnessFast community to stay motivated. It is designed to ensure that you get detailed information about your workout regime and it includes a comprehensive library of exercises. You will be able to create custom workouts and to monitor your daily sleep to understand how it affects your weight. The app provides all the information that you need to stay fit and healthy. Considering all the features and benefits of FitnessFast, it is a bargain at just $1.99.

Instant Heart Rate

Azumio’s app is the most accurate heart rate monitor available and millions of users rely on the measurements it provides. In fact, this mobile heart rate monitor is recognized and used by leading cardiologists. It is very easy to use and very effective at tracking your heart rate within seconds. You only need to place the tip of your index finger on the device’s camera and after a few seconds, you will see your pulse results. The app uses advanced algorithm to show your heart rate and provides a real-time chart with every heart beat. You can purchase it for $1.99 in the App Store.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership or a personal trainer with the help of this app from Jefit Inc. JEFIT Pro enables you to achieve your fitness goals through a series of workout plans that can be adjusted to your specific needs. You can choose from over 60 routines designed to help you lose weight and stay in shape. The Pro version doesn’t contain ads and it offers a complete set of features that make this app the ideal bodybuilding, fitness and workout trainer. The exercise routines contain descriptions, animations and they give you the possibility of creating a personal plan and staying motivated. It is available for $4.99.

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