Best File Management Apps for iPad & iPhone

One of the things that set iOS apart from other platforms is the fact that it doesn’t rely on files or folders to organize and give you access to data. Apple’s system is designed to be free from the constraints and complications related to file management and instead, it uses apps to get the job done. While this can make things easier, many users prefer file management to take control over their information. This is why there are many file manager apps that allow you to complete a wide variety of tasks including creating/deleting files and folders and editing files in real-time. You can also cut/copy/paste files and folders, access a wide range of file types and set up file syncing through cloud storage services.

Files – Finder Edition

Appsicum’s Files Finder is recognized for bringing the convenience of desktop file searching options to the mobile world, but the app offers an impressive selection of features that go beyond browsing data. It also enables users to organize files/media and to edit documents. Files Finder allows you to sync data on cloud platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and Sugarsync using the same interface. You can access your frequently used files quickly with the help of custom shortcuts and the in-built browser features bookmarks and file download Manager. Furthermore, the search option works with Wikipedia, Dictionary and Google. Files Finder is priced at $5.99 and it is only compatible with iPad.


FileMaster has become the favourite file manager for many users thanks to its powerful features. Apart from working as a file manager, the apps also supports document viewer, text editor, Wi-Fi drive and media player functionality. It offers a simple and secure way to transfer files from your computer and to share them. You can protect your data with a password to keep it private. The app also includes a player that supports multiple media formats and you can easily share data using Bluetooth. FileMaster was created by Shenzhen Youmi Information Technology and you can download for free.

OYO File Manager & WiFi File Transfer

This is a practical solution to manage data on your mobile device and the Wi-Fi functionality ensures that you can access them from your computer over internet. OYO allows you to watch your videos, view photos and play songs easily. You can also complete tasks such as editing, moving, deleting, copying or renaming files. The app also gives you the possibility of setting up a password to protect your data. OYO was developed by Balaji Rajan and you can download it for free.

File Manager

While there is a paid version of this app, the features available in the free option should be more than enough for
most users. File Manager by TapMedia integrates PDF Reader and a music player to enjoy your music directly through the app. It works as a virtual USB drive for your iOS device and it supports Apple iWorks documenst as well as Microsoft Office, Powerpoint and Excel. You can copy, move and zip multiple files and transfer files from your computer over Wi-Fi. It also works with cloud networks like Dropbox and OneDrive and you can share files via Bluetooth, Facebook or email.

iFile Browser & Download Manager

Beleela’s app aims to be an all in one solution to access the files on your iDevice and it also enables you to organize and edit them. The app also supports iCloud and Dropbox, allowing you to upload files directly to the cloud. You can get access to files stored on remote storage accounts and manage practically any type file with iFile. Thanks to Moxtra integration, the app lets you hold online meetings with up to 40 participants and you can share your screen and communicate with them via voice chat and text messages. It is also possible to edit .doc files and you can print using the Air Print feature. You can download iFile Browser & Download Manager for free.


This file and document manager app lets you read a wide variety of files types including PDF and Microsoft Office documents. Like other options in the list, FileApp allows you to play videos and music and it also gives you the possibility to transfer files to your computer via Wi-Fi. With this app from DigiDNA SARL, you can easily create and edit files. Along with an outstanding PDF Editor that enables edition, annotation, comments and bookmarks, FileApp offers support for a vast selection of formats and features a clear interface. It is available for free.

iFile Explorer

If you are looking for an easy way to view, organize and transfer all your files on your iPhone, iFile Explorer by
ColorfulPhone is another good option. It supports multiple transfer and file exchange methods including USB, Wi-Fi, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and more. The app has a smart interface and it works with a wide selection of formats. The built-in video and audio player lets you resume viewing from where you stopped in tour previous session and the same can be said about the document and the TXT readers that allows you to pick up your reading from where you left off last time. You can download it for $2.99.

Document 5

Readdle’s Document 5 is a fast and efficient app that offers all the features that you need from a file manager solution for your iPad or iPhone. It enables you to view Office documents, edit text, read and add notes to PDF files, read books and articles and much more. You can also watch movies, play music and view your photos. With Document 5 you can copy documents from your computer, download them from the Web and share files with your friends. Password protection for your files is available and it is also possible to sync with cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive. It is free to download.

File Manager Pro

In order to help you to get easy access to your documents, you can rely on File Manager Pro by Zuhanden. The app lets you organize and view all your files on your iDevices and you can download files from your computer via iTunes or synchronize your data with the help of iCloud. File Manager Pro also works with cloud services like and Dropbox. File Manager Pro has a remarkable interface that makes managing files and folders easy. You can get it for $4.99.

OrganiDoc HD

Like File Manager Pro, OrganiDoc is a premium option that features a great interface and strong functionality. Its innovative approach to file management makes it one of the best options to organize your personal data. You can browse through all your files without any hassle and you can keep your private data safe. It also supports Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Dropbox and more. OrganiDoc from Wenjoy Technology lets you access files in their respective presentation and interface and you can save email attachments easily. It is available for $4.99.

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