Best Equalizer Apps for iOS

While your iPhone, iPod and iPad can provide good sound, there are some limitations on their audio capabilities. If you want to get more from your Apple device in terms of sound, the best option is to go for an app that enables you to manage the Equalizer the way you want. There are great solutions that will allow you to enjoy a better sound experience and here you will find some of the top apps available from the App Store.


Music fans who want to enjoy great sound while on the go, will be impressed with the audio quality that Equalizer by Audioforge Labs offers. The app is considered by many as the most powerful equalizer with an amazing playlist control. It allows you to play tracks directly from your device’s library and you can adjust the equalizer using the seven control points or entering the values manually. The app offers a spectrum analyser that lets you visualize the music and you can use AirPlay or Bluetooth to listen on your AppleTV or your headsets. With Equalizer you can customize the sound to enjoy music the way you prefer. It is available for $2.99.


EQu deserves recognition as a comprehensive equalizer for iOS and it is a fantastic solution for music lovers looking to add intensity and clarity to their device’s sound. EQu can help you to get the perfect sound for a particular style so no matter what you are listening to or where you are, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic audio and great balance every time. Make the most out of your speakers and headphones at any playback volume with the adjustment options that the app offers. EQu by Elephantcandy allows you to design an accurate frequency by controlling over 1000 discrete bands. It can be yours for $2.99.


If you are looking for a simple and effective way to adjust the sound to your own liking, Studio ra, labo offers an audio player that features an easy to use 16-band equalizer. The EQ settings include graphic equalize mode and curve mode and you can amplify the sound up to +20dB, enabling you to hear the low sound recordings in a high tone. There is a wide feature that lets you plat mono tunes in the stereo and you also have Auto gain adjustment to get the right sound. MolaEqualizer also gives you the possibility of displaying the lyrics while playing a song. The app can be downloaded for free.

Equalizer +

Pensberg System delivers an app that will significantly improve the sound quality and capabilities of your player. It is designed to boost the sound features of your iOS device and it will ensure that you get the best experience listening to your music or podcasts. It offers a great variety of sound effects, including Deep, Electronic, Flat, Bass Booster and Bass Reducer. Its advanced equalizer allows you to adjust the quality of audio stream playback and you can also adjust the visualization speed and quality. The app is available for free.

EQ Player

Another option that provides good performance and sound is EQ Player by Jae Hun Park. With an improved interface and simple settings that only require you to move the EQ sliders to get precise sound, EQ Player is a free app that lets you control the sound of your iOS device easily. You can control the frequency of eqband with great accuracy and you can manage your playlist without limits. The app supports shuffle, sequential, repeat support and music seeking features. There is also a timer and a fine control volume so you can listen your music as loud or as quietly as possible.

EQ 10

This audio player features a built-in EQ and FX and provides clean EQ controls. While it doesn’t offer the advanced capabilities supported by other apps, EQ 10’s simple and clear interface sets it apart from similar options. You can play content straight from your iPod library and go through your tracks with browsing, searching, navigation options. Gapless playback and remote control events are supported and the app also gives you access to a great selection of favourite radio stations. The audio effects include 3 Band EQ, Reverb, Low Pass Filter and High Pass Filter. The app costs $1.99.

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