Best Camera Self-timer Apps for iPhone

One of the reasons why many people choose the iPhone above any other option is the impressive quality of its camera. With your iPhone by your side, you can be sure that the images captured with it will look great. It took a while before Apple introduced self-timer apps to the App Store and users had to rely on Cydia tweaks if they wanted to enjoy this feature. However, the top quality and performance that the apps in the App Store offer, have shown that they were worth waiting for. Here is a list of some of the best self-timer apps you can find in the app store.

Joby’s GorillaCam is a comprehensive camera app that offers a simple, yet appealing interface that will allow you to capture fantastic images right from the start. It gives you the possibility of setting up self-timer shots without hassle and to capture beautiful stop motion videos or time-lapses with impressive quality. There is a convenient remote shutter control in the GorillaCam Pro version that lets you use the app as remote-control to a GorillaCam (Pro or Free) on a different device. You can choose a time delay between 1 to 120 seconds. The app notifies you with a beep once a second for three seconds before taking the photo.
For those who are looking for an advanced solution that is more than a self timer, Camera+ by tap tap tap could be the answer. There is a wide range of features designed to help you to get amazing photos. The functions available include digital zoom (up to 6x) with advanced digital processing, shooting modes, touch exposure, focus and even front flash, which will allow you to take clear selfies in poor light conditions. You can also adjust and crop your photos, add captions and more. Camera+ adjusts the clarity of the photo ensuring that you get outstanding results. This is a great option for both experienced and amateur photographers and you can get it for $2.99.
Self Timer
With Self Timer by AstrovicApps, you can capture amazing images with ease. The app allows you to get enough time to adjust the camera in order to take the perfect snapshot. You can adjust the time from 2s to 60s and it is possible to adjust multiple shots in sequence (from 1 to 10). There is an optional beep sound that will alert you 5 seconds before each shot. The photos can be automatically saved in the photo gallery if you enable that option. Both front and rear camera are supported and there are other practical features like automatic face recognition, digital zoom and photos preview in HD. Self Timer is available for $0.99.
MarkelSoft has designed an app that offers everything you need to take beautiful photos with ease. It stands out for allowing you to create a time lapse video using multiple shots taken. Once you have selected the number of shots, the audible and visual countdown goes from 10 to 0. The self timer lets you capture the action with multiple shots (up to 500) that can be taken with just one click. With iTimerCam, you can set your iPhone or another Apple device on a tripod to capture unattended pictures or to create a time lapse video from multiple shots. It supports rear or back camera and flash. You can get it for $0.99.
Taking a selfie means that even if you have no one else around who can take the photo for you, it is still possible to be part of the image. If you love to travel alone, having a self-timer app like TimerCam is essential. This app by Daisuke Yamashita offers an interface that is appealing and very easy to use. You can select timer delays of 5 to 30 seconds. The controls can be managed without issues and it supports the front and rear cameras. There is a 3s countdown sound effect and you can preview the photos and save them. The app is available for free.
Camera Timer!
This app is another practical option that gets the job done without complications. It gives you the possibility to delay the shutter in order to capture a selfie or a photo with your friends at the right time. Created by Nakhon Phagdeecha, Camera Timer! offers a good selection of features to choose the moment in which the photo should be taken. You can include the number of shots in a continuous take. There is a single shot mode that allows you to set the countdown time (from 1 to 60 seconds) before the photo. There is also a multi shot mode that lets you set the number of shots that should be taken. Other convenient features include audio warnings and the option to display an animation while the timer is running. You can download the app for free.

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