Best Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer for Bass

Portable Bluetooth speakers are practical, affordable and can help you to enjoy great sound, no matter where you are. There is a wide variety of options available, but we have selected the ones that offer the best balance between performance, design, price and of course, sound quality. The options in our list can provide powerful sound and will impress you with their subwoofer for remarkable bass. To make things easier for music lovers, we have come up with the top three options of Bluetooth speakers with subwoofer. They would suit different styles and requirements.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar

Creative has a good record creating great devices to enjoy music on the go. This portable speaker is a good example of the quality that you can expect from Creative. The Sound Blaster Roar honors its name by providing loud, powerful thump in the bass. It has five drivers that support incredible power and the built-in subwoofer has the capacity to fill the room with high quality audio.

The design is classic, appealing and lightweight so you can bring the speaker along when you travel and enjoy the blasting, clear sound that it supports, even when you are on the go. The Roar function gives you the possibility of getting even more powerful sound, but as it stands, the speaker can offer terrific results even without that feature. There is also a Terra Bass feature that allows you to enjoy improved bass sound.

The Sound Blaster Roar is compatible with iPhone, Android and also supports aptX and AAC. You can enjoy its outstanding sound with convenient wireless capacity, without any hassle. It doesn’t only work as an audio speaker, but also as an MP3 player, battery bank and Bluetooth speakerphone.

Sony SRS-X5

Sony has built a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high quality audio equipment. Sony is a legendary name and millions of customers trust their devices and their SRS-X5 shows that the Japanese company remains at the top of their game. This portable speaker is an incredible option for music fans thanks to the features that it supports. In terms of design, the SRS-X5 is very simple and it will certainly not stand out in a room, but it packs great stereo power of 20 watts, which will allow you to enjoy crystal clear sound.

The subwoofer ensures that you get rich sound thanks to the dual passive radiators that emit 50Hz to 20kHz. Th speaker weighs less than 3 lbs and while that makes it heavier than other options available, it is still highly portable. Besides, the additional weight is justified by the fact that it supports the subwoofer’s optimal performance. The speaker offers remarkable pairing capacity that ensures that you can connect it using NFC, if it is available in your device. Of course, Bluetooth is also supported.

The subwoofer is located at the back of the speaker, meaning that you need to place it in an upright position to be able to hear the bass clearly. It also features One-Touch listening technology, which is very practical and it also has USB power port that will allow you to charge mobile devices. The impressive quality bass sound alone makes this an option worth considering. The design may not be innovative, but some people would prefer the minimalist looks of this speaker. It all comes down to your preferences.


Jabra may not have the popularity and long-standing reputation of manufacturers like Sony. However, they have been around since the 90’s and the quality of their wireless headsets is trusted by many users around the world. With the SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Jabra has showed that it can get into other categories and it has earned a place in the list of the best portable speakers with subwoofer.

The SOLEMATE features one subwoofer, two tweeters, one passive bass radiator and it is designed to last. The speaker has the appearance of a shoe, which explains its name. It is quirky and easy to bring around with you, thanks to the practical carry strap. With the SOLEMATE, you get innovative design and durability. It is perfect for adventurers who also love music.

The impeccable sound and the powerful sound are other reasons to choose this speaker system. It is loud, clear and can resist shock, splashes (although it is not waterproof) and dust. You can pair it through NFC or via Bluetooth 3.0 and previous versions. Overall, the Jabra SOLEMATE is an appealing option for those who want a practical option that also features innovative design and great sound.


Nowadays manufacturers offer speaker systems that support advanced functionality and it is possible to find conveniently sized devices that pack great power. You no longer need to rely on huge speakers and subwoofers in order to get superb quality sound. There are compact, portable Bluetooth speaker systems that let you enjoy music with the convenience of their wireless connectivity. They allow you to turn your mobile devices into a jukebox that is with you wherever you go.

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