Best Apps for Movie Fanatics – iOS

It’s been well over a century since movies became part of our entertainment options but they are still fascinating us. For true fans, watching tons of movies isn’t enough as they want to know what happens behind the scenes and find out more information about their favourite actors and directors. If you want to discover interesting facts about the movies you love and stay up to date with the latest releases, there are great apps that are focused on offering more details about the film industry. These apps give you access to artists’ bios, exclusive interviews, bloopers, trivia, news about upcoming projects and even full movies. Enjoy the best iOS apps to satisfy your movie obsession.

IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb is recognized as the hub for everything related to movies and TV series. The site and its app offer comprehensive information about the entertainment industry and fans can also discuss their opinions and share their reviews with the extensive community. If you are looking for trailers, information about your favourite movies, the cast and crew involved and much more, this is the best source of information. You can even find some details about future projects, interesting facts, goofs and trivia. If you seriously love movies, this is an app that you will most likely use every day. You can get download it for free.


This app by Beat Raess is another useful movie database, but it relies more on visuals and it allows you to connect the dots between actors, films, TV shows and actors. You can easily see how movies, directors or performers are related, which will enable you to understand better the similarities between your favourite films. Apart from being a great way to learn more about movies, Solyaris also lets you discover movies and find out what is currently on cinemas and what is on TV at the moment. It is easy to use, entertaining and you can get it for $0.99.


Netflix has become an essential source of entertainment with thousands of movies and TV shows available whenever you want to watch them. If you already have a subscription to Netflix, you can download the app for free to enjoy an extensive library of content including exclusive Netflix series, documentaries and of course, movies. You can easily browse through the library and stream content on your iOS device. Netflix will also give you suggestions based on what you have watched. The service costs $7.99 per month and the content is constantly being updated so you can expect something new and different every time.

iTunes Movie Trailers

A huge part of the experience of going to the movies is the trailers. They are the best way to select what movies you’ll be looking forward to watch. With Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers you can get access to the latest and most exclusive HD movie previews. This free app allows you to browse trailers, clips and specials dedicated to big budget films, as well as independent productions. You can find out what movies will be released throughout the year so you can plan ahead. iTunes Movie Trailers lets you check what movies are being show at your local cinemas and you can even purchase tickets. It is a comprehensive and high quality solution that any movie fan should have.


Millions of people around the world visit YouTube every day to watch anything from funny videos or memorable interviews to make-up tutorials and documentaries. Movie trailers and even full movies are also available in the popular video-hosting website. The app is a must-have as it has something for anyone and movie fans will find it indispensable. It is extremely easy to use and it allows you to watch again some of the best moments in movie history including unforgettable Oscar speeches. The search option lets you find what you want to watch within seconds and you also have the possibility of creating, saving and sharing playlists to keep your favourite movie scenes available. YouTube’s app can be downloaded without any cost.

Movie Vault

For moments of nostalgia, Movie Vault by Fling Soft is an ideal option as it allows you to stream classic movies on your iOS device. The app features full-length movies that include Academy Award winning titles as well as smaller productions that became cult films. You can select between multiple genres including Adventure, Action, Drama and Sci-Fi. The movies can also be watched on your AppleTV with the help of AirPlay. Movie Vault is available for $2.99 and while the movies available are Public Domain, the app is a convenient solution to find them in one place without having to spend time looking for them online. Additionally, Movie Vault offers cover art and movie information.

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