Best Apps for April’s Fools

April’s Fools is loved by pranksters and feared by those who tend to forget about it and who would end up becoming a target for elaborated jokes. When you are aware of the celebration, taking someone seriously is nearly impossible but in many cases, people don’t realize what day it is and can easily fall for jokes played on them. For many people, it is just another day but for those who love pranks, it is the perfect day to show off their creativity and to have fun.

We know that technology has become a crucial part of many aspects of our lives and as you may have guessed, there are apps that will help you to make the most out of April’s fools. If you love this celebration and can’t wait to see your friend’s expression when you play a joke on them or if you simply want to have a good laugh, you can rely on some unique apps available in Google Play and the App Store. These apps can help you to take your friends and family by surprise and will make pranksters happy. They are perfect for April’s fools but we are sure that you will enjoy them any day of the year. Just a word of caution: Remember that it is important to keep safety in mind and avoid playing pranks on anyone with a heart condition or that may not react well to the joke.

Whoopee Cushion!

Nothing beats the classics and no matter how many times you have heard it, a Whoopee Cushion is one of those pranks that never gets old. Foncannon offers one of the best app versions of the traditional rubber pillow and it includes realistic sounds that are released with just the tap of a button. It also features motion detector mode that is activated when someone sits down, time delay and sound detect that releases the sound when someone is talking. This free app will break the ice and help people take you less seriously.

Air Horn

This is another app from Foncannon that will make your friends jump and get fully alert. This highly popular noise maker will wake up anyone, scare them when they are not expecting it and break the peace and tranquility of any place. Like the name suggests, the app allows you to have a portable air horn that will allow you not only to play pranks, but also to get attention when needed, or to cheer for your favorite team during a match. It includes a wide selection of sounds including Train Horn, Vuvuzuela and Reggae Horn. Just make sure that you don’t use it with people that may have a heart condition.

Scare Your Friends – JOKE!

Do you have a friend who claims that nothing can ever scare them? Bubble quiz games offers an app that will scare anyone, no matter how fearless they claim to be. Millions of users have downloaded this app, which allows you to make your friends jump off their seats and scream as terrifying pictures will suddenly appear on the screen. You just need to chose a scary picture and sound, then you can set the time in which the picture will appear on the screen. If you lend your phone to your friend and wait until the right time they will suddenly be startled by the horrifying image. It relies on the shock factor but if you select the right image, it can be really funny. You can download it for free.

April Fools Pranks

If you want to take advantage on April Fools day but don’t have the inspiration or skills to pull off a good prank, this app from DaleApp Studios is the answer. The app contains over 60 different ideas that will help you to surprise your friends and that will allow you to fully enjoy April’s fools. The list includes many funny things that will help you to have a hilarious celebration. Users can also send suggestions so the library of ideas is increased over time and you are likely to find one that is perfect for you.

Cage Me Again

Nicholas Cage has become the subject of many memes and this app by tspgroup takes things to the next level. While the app is not exactly designed to help you to carry out pranks, it can give you some laughs. Fans will love to get access to facts about the actor, but the best part is when Nicolas Cage’s face appears randomly when you are taking care of other unrelated tasks. You may let your kids or friends play with your phone and see their confused reaction when Nicholas Cage’s face suddenly appears on the screen for no reason. That alone can make your April’s Fools day. You can download it for free.

Dude, your Car!

Car damage is a nightmare, specially for people who take meticulous care of their cars. If you tell someone that their car is damage, they may not believe you but an image says more than 1,000 words and this app from mobilaga will support your prank. You just need to take a picture of your friend’s car and give it a photoshop treatment adding some scratches or even flames. Once your prankee receives the image, they will have no choice but to believe that their car is ruined. You can download it for $0.99 from the App Store or Google Play.!/id358055270?mt=8

Ghost Scary

LOLriffic Stuff will allow you to make fun of friends or siblings who are jumpy and if you are in a sleep over or hanging around in an old house, you will see them run and scream once you start playing with the app. The app offers scary footstep sounds and it works better if you can hide the phone under your prankee’s bed. You can set a countdown of up to 60 minutes before the prank and then just press the button to start the prank and then the screen will fade to normal view. That means that they will not be able to identify where the sound is coming from. It is available in the App Store for free.

Scare-ify HD: Scary Prank Your Friends

This app from JSV Ventures is known as one of the best prank options to truly scare your friends. What makes Scare-ify stand out from other scary apps is that it will show a full HD heart-stopping video with horrifying screams. You just need to select one of the perfectly disguised pranks. When your friend is reading the instructions to a challenging game, a video in HD resolution with sound will be played and they will be taken by surprise. The videos are high quality and feature ghosts, monsters and zombies. Just keep in mind that your friend may get so scared that they are is likely to drop your phone. Scare-ify HD is available in the App Store for free.

Horror Ghost Camera +

This app by will make your friends believe that there is a ghost haunting their photos. You can add a filter to pictures, making them look eerie. It can be used on existing images or on new photos that you take. This app will scare your unsuspecting friends and you can get it from the App Store for free.

Icon Prank

With Icon Prank by Michael Schneider, you can make others believe that they damaged your phone. You can take a photo of your home screen, upload it to the app and then see how it scrambles the icons around. The icons will keep bouncing around the screen, no matter how much they try to organize them. It is available from the App Store for $0.99.

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