Armpocket iPhone Armband Case

Apple’s iPhone has many loyal followers that also happen to love sports and adventures. Florida based company Armpocket is well aware of that and it has built a strong reputation as creators of convenient, durable and overall amazing armband cases for iPhone. The Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30 are great examples of the quality and appealing design of Armpocket’s armbands. You can find out more about what makes these Armbands so impressive in this review.

Design and Functionality

There is a wide range of iPhone accessories available, but very few can combine looks and convenience as effectively as cases do. Armband cases are very useful for people who enjoy running, cycling or practicing other sports while keeping their phones handy. The Armband cases from Armpocket are created to last and they also have a great design, making them the perfect option for carrying your device with style. Once you get your Armpocket armband, you will wonder how you were able to be without it.

A Simple, yet Complete Solution

The Aero and the Extreme are functional and simple accessories that are set to become essential for any iPhone (or any other smartphone) user. Armpocket has a great selection of cases for different brands and models of phones with a 5” or less screen. The Xtreme i-30 can hold your iPhone 5 even while it is within a thin case or opt for the i40 for your iphone 6.

Armpocket’s armbands are hassle-free, no frills accessories that effectively protect your phone thanks to its practical features. They are moisture-proof and can even keep your device protected from a water splash. The armbands include pockets to keep cards, documents and more. Plus, the audio port allows you to connect your headphones to enjoy music while you exercise.


The Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30 are very similar, but the Xtreme stands out for being slightly larger, which means that it is ideal for holding your iPhone 6 or an iPhone 5 while it is inside a slim case. Apart from that, both cases offer the same features starting with a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes them very comfortable. They may look bulky at first sight, but the foam-material material is light and once you place your device inside it all fits perfectly.

The two headphone outlets under the armband case ensure that you can plug in your headsets easily. The zip-n-stow is a nice additional feature that allows you to prevent that your headphones wire is left hanging while you exercise. You can simple loop the headphone through the zip-n-stow to avoid any discomfort during your workout.

As previously mentioned, these armband cases not only hold your iPhone but also allow you to keep other essential documents that you may need to have available even while you jog. There are two compartments that are perfect for carrying cards, notes, coins, your ID, etc. Additionally, there is a separator band that makes it possible to fit two smartphones or your smartphone and an iPod into the same armband. The armbands also have vented armstraps and while they can keep your device safe from spills and sweat, they also allow you to access all its functions without any issue as the touch response is excellent.

The Aero i-10 and the Xtreme i-30 are compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and iPhone 6, but they can also suit other models of Apple or Android phones. The Aero i-10 is available in a variety of colours including Green, Purple, Black, Red, Orange and Pink and it costs $29.95. The Xtreme i-30 is ideal for iPhone 6 (without a case) or for iPhone 5 with a slim case. It costs $39.95 and you can get in Pink, Green or Black. They both are great items for active people who are looking for armbands that offer quality and durability.

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