Best Antibacterial Soaps

With the growth of industries, hustles, buzzles and busy lifestyle, comes the rise of pollution. Today, people are more susceptible and exposed to dirt, humidity, perspiration and pollutants, and with that said, normal soaps no longer could serve its normal purpose of keeping one clean, healthy and fresh all day. Moreover, it is said that regular soaps are harmful to the skin due to its harmful chemicals and drying agents. Skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema are just a few that one could experience due to pollution and chemicals that most regular soaps contain.

To protect ourselves from these pollutants, one solution is to keep ourselves clean through healthy anti-bacterial soaps. These soaps have healthy, soothing compositions that would fight away unwanted bacteria that could attack your skin.

Top 10 Recommended Anti-Bacterial Soaps:

1. Defense Tea Tree Soap

Defense Tea Tree Soap comes in two different scents- original and peppermint flavors. This soap contains natural eucalyptus and tea tree oils. These ingredients would surely remove any dirt and oils from your skin. It also controls sebum or perspiration production that will give you that fresh and clean feeling. It also ensures that you will not have any bad body odor as this soap could act as a deodorant as well.

Moreover, wounds, skin infections and fungus are addressed by the tea tree oil ingredient that this soap contains. It helps your skin to heal quickly and its soap lathers are easy to rinse. Aside from all the good benefits that this soap offers, Defense Tea Tree is very affordable.

Furthermore, though this soap contains tea tree oil, it could be used and is safe to use for all types of skin. However, due to this ingredient, it could also dry your skin and could make your skin feel sensitive for a couple of days for first time users.

2. Heyedrate Handmade Antibacterial Tea Tree Oil Face Soap

Although this soap is a bit expensive, it is worth the cost. it is legit 100% organic and is made of Shea butter, organic green tea, olive oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil. This soap is great for moisturizing your skin and helps one feel better from symptoms of dry skin, rosacea, itchiness and eczema. It also addresses acne, pimple breakouts and fights off bacteria.

Heyedrate’s ingredients does not contain any harmful chemicals and are not harmful to the skin. In fact, its formula does not result to dryness nor does it sting the eyes.

Though the price of this soap is a bit expensive, it is huge in size and could last for about three to four months.

3. Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Original Bar Soap

Noble comes with a formula of pure emu oil, olive oil and Pyrithione Zinc, it is an anti-bacterial at the same time anti-fungal soap that could be used to treat psoriasis, eczema and dry skin. Moreover, this soap contains oatmeal that would gently exfoliate and smoothen your skin. It also cleans your skin by removing all the excess oil and dirt that blocks your pores.

After cleansing your skin, through Noble’s ingredients of emu oil and olive oil, this soap provides a protective barrier that keeps your skin away from pollutants and dirt. However, unlike other soaps it does not lather much as it does not contain any formula that would and could dry your skin.

This soap is a bit expensive but it is available in three sizes and four colors.

4. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar for Dry/Sensitive Skin

One of the most popular brands in the skincare and beauty industry, this soap version of Cetaphil is created for dry and sensitive skin. It comes with soap-free and detergent-free formula that is designed specifically for sensitive skin. When you use this soap, you will notice that it produces enough lather to clean your skin and it is easy to rinse off.

This soap when used regularly will hydrate your skin and is suitable for any skin type. It could also alleviate symptoms of eczema and rosacea. As for its smell, it is very mild and does not sting on the nose.

5. Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap

This soap product comes in three sizes and is made of oregano. This soap is best for curing any itch, rash or dry skin. It works as anti-bacterial and antiseptic soap as well. Furthermore, if you like to hydrate your skin, this is the best soap product for you.

With its oregano formula, this soap is known to heal your skin and with its almond oil ingredient, this soap could repair any skin problems. However, this soap is a bit strong and is not advisable to use on delicate areas.

6. Vi-Tae 100% Natural and Organic Handmade “Get Lathered Up” Soap Bars

Nothing could beat Get Lathered Up in terms of scent options available in the market, it in fact has 21 scents and four sizes you could choose from. It is an anti-bacterial and handcrafted soap with natural and organic plant based ingredients.

Get Lathered Up contains lime, patachouli and lemongrass. These ingredients are known to refresh the skin at the same time gets rid of germs and bacteria. Moreover, it also contains coconut and sunflower oils that are great for moisturizing your skin.

7. Dettol Antibacterial Hand and Body Bar Soap

Dettol is a very well- known and popular soap brand. This soap bar is known to kill all types of germs and will not damage or dry your skin. If you travel a lot, this soap is perfect for you as it comes in travel-friendly sizes. Dettol is for all types of skin. It smoothens and does not irritate nor does not dry or over-hydrate your skin.

8. Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial Bar Soap

This brand is usually recommended by dermatologists. It is perfect for blemish and acne prone skin. It is gentle on the skin with its comedogenic formula. Moreover, its triclocarbon ingredient serves as an antibacterial agent that cleans and removes dirt and oil from skin pores.

Cuticura is very refreshing and ensures it reduces acne breakouts through taking care of your sweat and germs. If you have sensitive or oily skin, this soap is for you.

9. Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap

This soap bar claims to kill 99% germs. Safeguard does not have fragrance that is stingy to the nose. So if you are one of those who are sensitive to strong smells, this soap is perfect for you. Safeguard contains triclocabon, water, glycerin and coconut acid. These ingredients provide lathers that are easy to rinse.

This soap comes in two sizes and is affordable.

10. Dial Lavender and Twilight Jasmine Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

Dial antibacterial soap comes in two sizes and is made of fresh lavender and twilight jasmine. Its ingredients are not drying and protects one from bad odor. Though this soap produces rich lather, it is easy to rinse. If you want a hydrated and fragrant skin, this soap is highly recommended.


What are the advantages of antibacterial soap over a normal regular soap?

  1. It kills harmful bacteria and germs –antibacterial soaps are created to control and get rid of any harmful disease-causing bacteria that are found on your skin. This way any disease causing bacteria would not transport not transfer inside one’s body.
  2. Keeps skin infections away- these soaps coat its users a protective layer which prevents bacteria and germs getting on your skin.
  3. Acne control and smoothens one’s skin – most bacterial soaps contain acne controlling agents that keeps the skin smooth and acne free.
  4. Hydrates the skin- antibacterial soaps contain hydrating oils that keeps one’s skin hydrated and moisturized
  5. Contains natural medical grade ingredients- these ingredients do not clog skin pores which prevents any pimple to form. It cleans the skin and gets rid of excess oils and dirt from the skin.

Who should use antibacterial soap?

Antibacterial soaps could be used by anybody who is at risk of skin infections or condition brought out by bacteria.

Is it safe to use antibacterial soap?

Unlike regular, normal soaps, antibacterial soaps are safe to use as it is usually made of natural and organic ingredients.

Is it okay to use antibacterial soap on the face?

Skin on the face are usually sensitive compared to other parts of the body. Antibacterial soaps are created mostly for the body and are not recommended to be used on the face. However, if you wish, there are mild liquid soaps that have antibacterial ingredients that could be used on the face.

What kind of soaps are antibacterial?

For a soap to be considered as antibacterial, it needs to contain bacteria killing ingredients such as triclosan and tea tree oil. Regular soaps do not contain these types of ingredients and cannot treat any skin infections or disease.

Tips on Purchasing and Using Antibacterial Soaps

  • * Check the expiry date of the soap as most antibacterial soaps are made of organic ingredients
  • * Do not buy heavy fragranced soaps as these soaps contain artificial fragrances.
  • * Do a patch test to check if you are allergic
  • * Wash the soap after use and let it dry on a soap dish.
  • * Rinse soap from your skin after 2 to 3 minutes
  • * Do not buy soaps with patterns as these soaps usually accumulate water and germs
  • * Use unscented soap for sensitive skin
  • * Moisturize your skin after using antibacterial soaps
  • * Read instructions before using the soap and check the ingredients
  • * Do not share soap with any family member or any person. Germs could transfer from one body to another
  • * Wash your hands with antibacterial liquid soap before bathing and using a bar of antibacterial soap.


Antibacterial soaps are perfect for killing germs and bacteria that cause skin infections. For healthier skin and prevention of bacteria causing diseases, we highly recommend that you use antibacterial soaps. With the list above, we hope you were able to choose the perfect antibacterial soap that suits your needs.

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