Best Android speaker docks

An Android speaker is a versatile device that can be used for different purposes. It allows you to sync music between your Android device and you computer, it also gives you the possibility of listening to internet radio station. You can also charge your device, set alarms and much more. There are many options available online from popular retailers, but to help you to save time, we have gathered a list of the best speaker docks that you can get for Android smartphones and tablets.

Phillips AS140/37 Fidelio Bluetooth Speaker with Micro-USB dock

Phillips is one of the most popular manufacturers in the electronics industry and this Bluetooth speaker is a good example of the quality that it offers. The AS140/37 Fidelio is a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to stream music from your Android device. It offers amazing performance with a Bass Reflex Speaker system that offers potent, deep bass. The FM digital tuning with presets and the MP3 Link for portable music playback are other good features to consider. There is a free Fidelio app available for Android that expands the functionality of this speaker.

Phillips AJT3300/37 Bluetooth Clock Radio iPhone/Android

With this Phillips speaker dock, you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth. It features FM digital tuning with presets and universal charging cradles and you can manage the cables easily and without issues. It includes a microphone for hands free phone calls, sleep timer so that you can listen to your favorite tracks while you fall asleep. The device is compatible with Android tablets and smartphones, but will also work with iPhone. It is an affordable solution with a compact design.

Sharper Image

If you wnat something truly different that stands out, this is the speaker that you need. The Sharper Image SBT1001WH is a tower speaker that offers high fidelity and it supports Bluetooth technology. You will be able to play your music and enjoy amazing sound. The speaker offers high audio quality and it works with a wide range of devices, including large tablets. The Sharper Image also comes with USB port charger, stylish LED lights and it features a top mounted slot that can hold the majority of devices. It is not only a practical solution but will also look great in any room.

iLuv MobiAir

This is the ideal solution for listening to music from Bluetooth devices and it offers a simple, convenient design. This Bluetooth Stereo speaker has myBot robotic arms that can be adjusted to secure your smartphone in the dock in landscape, or portrait mode. It is great not only for listening to music, but also for watching movies or playing games. The iLuv MobiAir features powerful amplifiers, micro USB for charging and a Hnads free speaker phone. You can play audio with stereo sound.

Kmashi K-902 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Charging Cradle Dock

This charging dock features dual speaker for clear, powerful sound and it also offers high quality bass. Thanks to the quick and simple Bluetooth pairing, you can enjoy music without hassle. The dock station functions lets you place your device in portrait or landscape mode. It is perfect for Android tablets or smartphones, but will also work with Kindle Fire, iPad and iOS. One thing to keep in mind is that since the switches for Bluetooth and charging are located in two different places, the device is only capable of charging or playing music separately. It can’t do both simultaneously. The Kmashi K-902 offers high fidelity and an impressive audio system.

Hale Dreamer Speaker dock

The Hale Dreamer Speaker dock stands out thanks to its unique design and it will impress you with the variety of features that it can support. It features an alarm clock, speakerphone, charging dock, sleep machine and smart notification manager. If you get an important call, the speaker dock sends an SMS automatically in silent mode. You can enjoy amazing audio quality while streaming music, or listening to internet radio stations. The Hale Dreamer Speaker dock allows you to personalize the alarm to match your needs.

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